i’m not moving house permanently

realised that i forgot to mention that www.daphinaus.blogspot.com is just abt my ramblings abt my life in aussie. or rather, my mundane and eventless life in boring perth. it’s really boring here. there’s nothing interesting for you to do (studying and peering over textbooks do not count as “interesting”) after dinner. and dinner is at 6pm. early right?

i’ll still be updating the little one from time to time, mainly to bitch abt stuff and my thoughts and also private stuff.

but it seems that my blog has been a little quiet recently. lack of ppl reading? but then again, i blog because i want my friends to be updated (note that family is not included here… they don’t know, i hope) of my life.


back to the kpo neighbour i mentioned on my aussie “adventures” blog. well, her name is jodie (i contemplated publishing her name but well, it beats writing “the kpo neighbour” all the time).

she was telling me some days ago… or i think, abt a wk or more ago? sorry lah, i know i very lor soh… but just felt the need to blog it down. anyway, she was telling me that i was getting too close with brendon. (check my aussie blog for his pic) i asked her for the reasons that led her to feeling that way. she mentioned that even some girl from the other block asked her if we were a couple.

reason 1) she said that she saw us sharing lip balms… pls lah… don’t hv lor… i was only SMELLING his menthol lipbalm…
reason 2) bren was carrying my bag for me throughout the day. i don’t know how this justifies as a reason!

then, i felt that she was kicking up a fuss over nothing. but now, i seriously feel that i’m getting too dependent on him to do stuff. that’s bad. i’m getting independent and away from family, but dependent on ppl here.

anyway, just to set the record straight: brendon HAS a gf, and that has implies that it’s still going on k… don’t let your thoughts run wild now. but he’s a really nice dude lah. hopefully, we can become good friends over here. and i do hope that his LDR does work out (coz i know that he’s facing some issues during the past wk, now?)

just to continue my story. at that point when jodie asked me abt this, i felt that it was hilarious and told brendon abt it. but i had to whisper for him to come into my room and talk, and we had to converse in hushed tones. all because the walls are quite hollow, and neighbours can hear. it’s really walls have ears loh. not forgetting how he had to hide behind my door when jodie knocked on my door halfway through my conversation with him, so that she wouldn’t think otherwise (i’m always having guys in my room… but that’s because my room is cosy k!!). so bren was telling me that it’s common for girls like me to be disliked and have few female friends coz other girls wouldn’t like girls like me. i’m cool with it, coz i’m used to it already. sad thing to admit, but yeah. i have very few girl friends who really know and understand me. so i’m gladful for them, and wouldn’t request for more.

i think i really depend on him too much… i depend on him to do almost every single thing for me… from opening canned condensed milk to fixing my laptop to lighting my candle to even choosing my quilt cover, everything is “brendon help me!!” very bad right? he’s like my personal assistant & handyman. i was actually discussing this issue with jodie over laundry on monday (yes i did laundry on my own, don’t be too surprised *points at you* stop laughing). i told her frankly that i see no reason why i shouldn’t ask guys to do stuff for me when they are there for you to help you. from simple stuff like opening the stiff pantry door to heavy duty stuff like carrying your 30kg luggage up the flight of stairs. i rmbed what cindy said to me: i realised that you actually depend alot on guys to do things for you when you know you can do them yourself. but my retort: why waste energy and effort when there’s someone ard to do it for you? it’s like calculating 1000×1000 manually instead of using the calculator. waste time and effort and brain cells.

what i didn’t tell jodie was that we shared food too (jodie’s the conservative christian, probably she even thinks that we shouldn’t share food!) & *small voice* fed each other like a couple? i dare not tell her abt this… wait she condemn me to the eighteenth level of hell.

i went to his room again just now coz i had difficulty opening the honey bottle. knocked on the door, no answer. so i shouted into the gents for him. as i guessed correctly, he was taking his shower. so i went to jit for help. anyway, after his shower, he called me on my extension. whatever was said in the brief conversation didn’t matter, but the end part. we said “good night” to each other, and i thought i heard a “muack”? *raises eyebrow* or was it DEAF-ne at work again… it must be DEAF-ne i think

evil joyce actually said that she was hoping that something happens to the LDR and a new couple is formed. evil right? i shall pray for the opposite. anyway, i don’t think the new couple part will come true… right?

i’m thinking too much… getting tired and groggy…


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