thank you very much huh!

what the hell… i’m feeling so pissed and upset and hurt that i’m shaking all over now. i tried hard to contain my tears when you were talking to me earlier. i guess you’ll never know how it feels coz you’re the one who’s always screwing me. not the other way round. but even if it’s the other way, you might not even feel the same way as i do, coz you just don’t care.

just because your gf is mad at you, picking a fight with you, doesn’t mean that you can come screw me. ppl care abt you, and this is what i get. fine. i shall mind my own business, let you drink until your liver cries for help.

maybe i’m just too suay, always call at the wrong time. you said jit knows when to leave you alone, ie when you’re not in a good mood. well, how would i know if you’re in a good mood or not, when i’m in my room and you in your room at the other end?! that’s just no reason.

though i was pissed, i still wrote you a note, apologising and explaining why i wanted cheryl to go, explaining how hurt i am to be scolded by you AGAIN. jodie’s not going to be in tomorrow, if i go to the picnic tmr, she’ll be all alone in hall. i dunwan that to happen to her. coz i’ve been in that position, and ppl whom i thought were friends, just didn’t bother. i could be gone for 2 days, and no one even asks abt me. where are all the friends?! i guess you just don’t understand. you said i had friends. no i don’t. i’ve been in my room the whole of last night, didn’t even go for dinner, drinking wine, crying alone. i finished the whole bottle. and did you know abt this? you don’t know a single thing, you bastard.

apologies ain’t enough. i got it twice, in 3 weeks. i didn’t want to say it straight in your face, but if you’re really pissed, i could hear your laughter 30mins later in the pantry with may? yeah right. i believe you. screw you. thanks for coming by anyway.

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