why doesn’t anyone leave me a note now? =(

ok… i think my posts are getting very boring right… no one bothers to leave notes now… to the extent that chatterbox sent me an email, saying that my chatterbox hasn’t been active for some time, and they’re going to terminate my box if there is still no activity within X days. so no choice lor… i have to leave note for myself… -_-“

argh… i’m getting a little irritated and annoyed by jodie nowadays… she reminds me of ying, seriously. but ying is funnier… jodie is just… so darn annoying. on monday night, i went to the library with kenneth to study, then went to have pizza with him at broadway after that. then she & cheryl started teasing me yesterday… kept asking me “how was my date” and “whether the pizza was nice” (implying that i had it with kenneth)… and when i told cheryl last night that the stars were very pretty, but monday’s one was nicer coz it was darker then, she started all over again. “very romantic right?” in the 1st place, it wasn’t a DATE at all. but it was romantic, not because of whom i’m with, but the stars were really pretty, and you hardly see stars in SG. you only see satellites.

jodie is so CONSERVATIVE and she doesn’t seem to register the fact that i prefer to hang out in a big group (guys and girls mixed, please) or just with the guys alone. i’ve told her so many times, and she’s still like so ‘i think you shldn’t be so close to the guys’. wah lao. where is she from? to quote brendon “is she from the nunnery??” goodness me.

last night, i couldn’t take it anymore and asked her to stop it. then today i asked her why did she start those teasing in the first place. her reply was really… from the ancient ages whereby the “nan nu shou shou bu qing” rule still reigned.

“so late, and you went to broadway with kenneth, both of you alone. broadway so dark… somemore, if you’re hungry, can always come back to hall what. you’ve got food in your room.”

wah kao… now she’s my mum or what?! my mum also don’t mind me going out with guys lor!!! what the hell… then i told her that i was craving for pizza, she was like “i don’t accept your answer, say whatever you want. i just don’t approve you going out with him so late at night” look. i don’t have to get approval from her lor.

but it’s so irritating when ppl keep teasing you abt an innocent outing. i just hate this kind of thing lor. then coz i was chatting with kenneth over the phone on monday, after we came back. he was helping me with my tax file number, after i was done, we continued chatting for a while coz he wasn’t feeling that good, mentally and physically. i was a little loud at some point during the chat. so the next day (tuesday), i asked jodie if i was loud and i apologised if i inconvenienced her.

she said she heard me saying “eh, you pervert” (i was scolding kenneth for some perverted remark he made). so i laughed it off and said “i WAS talking to a pervert what…” and i left it at that coz they were teasing me abt my DATE.

then later, she asked “so who were you talking to” *i dreaded this momment, but it just had to come* so i hesitated for like 5seconds, before taking a big gulp and said “oh it was kenneth”. i tried my best to brush it off like it was nothing but that nosey parker just had to ask “so late already, what were you 2 talking” sheesh… what… now i’ve to report to her?!!

then earlier on, before tutorial, we had a little argument. ok, it was partly my fault for starting it but i swear i was telling the truth. i was saying kai & i sorta missed enrique (this crazy spanish guy who left already. he packed his bags for home, he completed his diploma already). so she was saying “i feel quite alright. i wasn’t really close or know him well”. then something just sparked in my mind and i blurted out “you aren’t really close to anyone in block b anyway”. then she felt hurt i guess. she said “it’s not true, you don’t have to say that”

it IS true lor… at least i felt this way. my bet is that the rest also feel this way lor. then i asked her “do you think that you’re close to brendon? kenny? the rest of the girls? or even know them well? you always stay in your own room, or hang out with the block a ppl… you don’t even talk much to the ppl living down the hallway” so pissed with her.

if i’m moving out after this sem, i don’t want to stay with her!!!


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