pls belt up

wah piang… highlight of the day: our car got stopped by a police car. coz the rear passengers (yours truly, kenneth and another girl) didn’t belt up. damn scary i tell you. the fine is au$150 lor!! then the policemen asked us how long we’ve been in oz. we said less than a mth. at first they dun believe us one.. say our student cards can be issued in march (feb intake), but we told them that we just came to oz a mth ago, coz we’re the july intake. then later they just let us off with caution, no charge, no fine. wah kao… heng ah i tell you. super scary lor!!!

actually wanted to go mambo red, but then had a twist of events last minute, and i got frustrated and didn’t want to go anymore. i still paid anyway coz aeris got me the tix already.

then i went back to hall, chatted with joyce and wyn on the phone. i was REALLY frustrated and irritated. so fan. then from GIRL issue, we shifted to GUY issue after settling the girls. and i’m really afraid to touch the guy issue. *sigh* so fan ah……..

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