I’m growing

Last night, I met May and Jan along the corridor and they said that I
slimmed down already! *blush* make me happy only… how can it be that
I’ve slimmed down when I’ve been eating supper…

Ate doughnuts at night coz they were going to expire soon, so I tried to
give them away and finish them. At 2am, Ken, Neer and I went to Broadway
for pizza. Portofino. It was nice. We ate the pizza back at hall coz the
shop was abt to close (we were the last customers) while watching a DVD.
Boring show. Don’t know what it is abt.

The 3 of us went to bed at 5am. Ken skipped his floor outing and the table
tennis game held by my floor. Woke up at 3pm, then we went to Freo. I
actually wanted to shop ard, but the shops close at 5pm, and we reached
like 510pm. So we took a look at the shops, then went for dinner.

Dinner was at Cicerello’s, seafood tray, scallops and squids! Paid by
Kenneth… he ah… always pay when we go out lor… and refuse to accept
my money… Somemore, he gave me like 70% of the food in his room, chips,
noodles, biscuits etc. So paiseh… I know he purposely want to make me
grow fat… then I’ll never find boyfriend or get married… so evil
right? Muahahahaha…

Ok, I gotta go bathe, do some work, then do laundry with Ken. Got my
bedsheet, comforter cover, pillow cases to wash…


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