i’m sick

i think ken passed on his illness to me… i’m starting to hv a dry
cough… and just yesterday, i had body aches all over. so uncomfortable.
hopefully, i’ll be alright soon… i hate dry coughs… gotta get back to
studying… bleah.

oh yeah!!! i wanted to make oats for supper last night coz i didn’t hv
much for dinner (it was kinda sucky). i don’t know what happened, perhaps
too much water? but the whole thing just sorta like blew up in the
microwave. my back was facing the microwave, so when i turned back to
retrieve my oats, i got a huge shock!! my oats were everywhere in the
microwave, except my bowl. wah lao eh…. in the end, i still had to
clean up the mess in the microwave, and no oats to eat. -_-” how suay can
a sick person get? so gross.


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