morning shopping

went to town this wednesday morning (had afternoon classes) to get my jewelled hairband fixed… some of the jewels came loose… i like that shop… owned by a singaporean couple whose daughters are studying here… one in UWA too! =D

bought a few more pieces of hair accessories… damage: au$28… nice? i think i’m giving the chunky jewel hairband to christine… asked joyce and jodie (showed jodie christine’s pic), both chose the same one… hehe…

then i bought shampoo for myself, body wash for mr chang… went to target to check out the prices for bedsheets and quilt covers…

tmr night, going to claremont for dinner… a nice evening out with mr chang and jude… quite sian to eat hall food all the time… hehe… can also do some shopping…. mr chang wants to buy soccer boots… maybe friday night also going town if he can’t find the boots he wants tmr night… i also saw a pullover that mr chang might like… only $10 on sale… see if he wants anot…

gg for lunch now… tata~~ my day is starting later, after lunch… and i’ve got 2.5 chapters more to go for CB test tmr!! oh dear…


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