dinner @ claremont

today’s thursday! the suburbs close late (9pm instead of 5pm), and i just
finished a test today, so we decided to go out for dinner… actually ken
and i already planned to go claremont for dinner on tuesday… we are
only waiting (rather impatiently) for today! LOL

jude and zach came along as well. but, sad leh, like not much nice
eateries ard, so we ate at han’s cafe (operated by a singaporean lady..
so cute). pretty decent food, price also ok. see the pic below… jude (right) so sad… coz he’s hungry!!! wahahaha

after that, went to get ken’s soccer boots and grocery shopping… i’m
becomming an auntie leh… always go supermarts… LOL…

tmr still need to go town with him to get his comforter & bedsheets…
target closed early today… weird… but anyway, i think town’s target
got more choices. yesterday, i saw a couple of nice designs, on sale.
think can buy…

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