i’m going on a roadtrip this coming study break for 4 days. study break’s
for 2 weeks, so after the roadtrip, come back, must pia work already.

but before i go on holiday, i’ve got loads of reports and projects and
mid-sems to do. i’ve got a report due this friday, sorta more or less
completed what i’m supposed to cover already. then, i’ve got a mid-sem
next tuesday. that’s pretty easy coz it’s similar to IAF and FM. hv
finished revising that too, save for the theories. i hate theories. then
another mid-sem next friday. dun really know how to pass friday’s mid-sem
coz i don’t really know the subject well. that’s not all. i’ve still got
another project due next next week and we haven’t even started on it.
really gotta mug hard already.

my mind’s all on the roadtrip, it’d be so much fun! well planned by nai.
am so looking forward to the trip!!!

better study hard now, so that i can enjoy my trip! =)

but my mind’s preoccupied with my buddies’ words. how can i get myself out of this mess? you xin wu li…


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