i find myself skipping more lectures now than in poly… which isn’t
really gd… coz most of the time, i skip lectures which i already know
abt the topic that the lecturers are going to teach… but there’s a
chance that i’m complacent and end up not knowing anything abt the unit.
so far, so gd… still can catch up.

but i’m still doing my tutorials lah… cannot don’t do… if don’t do,
then i’ll be just wasting my time here. *mum’s words keep ringing in my
head: you’re here to get an education cert, not a marriage cert*

mummy called me last night… asked us to be careful on the roadtrip… in
sg, you watch out for pedestrians when driving… when in oz, you look out
for animals! lol… then she asked kenneth to drive properly, don’t
speed… she also asked me a weird question… “when ken study in your
room until very late, then he sleep over in your room ah?” o.0? so i told
her the truth lor… she didn’t over-react or anything. just told me to be
careful. i guess she’s used to it. she knows her baby well. i always play
with guys until very ‘feng’ but at the end of the day, just a gentle
reminder from her (& my friends) will pull me back to sanity. =)


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