confused within

wish i could say it to someone:

so is it official or not? i don’t get any answer, even when i hinted. so
what now?

i don’t want to be left dangling on the line, but yet can do those stuff
with you, in front of neer. it’s weird how we only do those stuff in
front of neer, or when we’re away from hall. but i guess, i wouldn’t do
those stuff in front of the rest too.

it’s true that it only concerns the 2 of us, and as long as we’re happy,
we shouldn’t bother abt what others say. but it’s a nagging feeling
inside of me, that wants to know the status now. i can’t even answer if
someone were to ask me.

i keep thinking if whatever you did with me, were just memories of what
you did with your ex. or are you just treating me, as if i’m her? i don’t
want to think this way, but sometimes, i just think of such stuff. it’s my

but still, i feel happy when i’m with you. =) can’t wait for the albany
trip, would love to watch the stars with you. though it reminds me of
your ex too, what you wrote in your blog to her.


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