things are fine now

things are fine now… looking good so far… and i’ve to really study
hard to prove to my family that i can juggle both…

lately, i’ve been spending so much… i think i’ve spent abt $500 in aug
alone… and i dunno what i spend on… i opened another bank a/c at
westpac bank coz westpac allows me to earn interest, irregardless of my
bank balance… commonwealth one must be min $5k… bleah… i’ll never
have $5k in my a/c… i want to earn interest!!! hahaha…

this week, roanne’s in perth… we met up with her and her bf on friday
night (or rather, saturday morning) for supper/early breakfast… had
kebabs at northbridge. yummy!!! she didn’t want to accept payment for
supper… that’s very nice of her, but paiseh leh… maybe when we get
the car this friday (for roadtrip on saturday), ask him to drive me down
to northbridge, buy apple strudel for roanne… corica’s not bad… quite
nice… if i remember correctly, corica is even better than renaldo’s…

but we came back to hall at like 630am?? slept till dinner time… didn’t
do much work on friday and saturday… so sunday, he had to pia his
history assignment… coz today he need to do another assignment… all
due tmr…

roadtrip’s this weekend, and we’ve got lots of stuff to buy… or rather
me lah… need to get another thick jacket coz albany’s really cold…
strong winds… anyway, the thick jacket can last me for next winter
too… then need to get sunglasses too… i’m still thinking whether i
shld buy extra bedsheets… i’ve already got 2, but one of which is too
big for my bed… think mum bought the wrong size for me… everytime i
make the bed, i end up very tired coz have to tuck the excess in… too
big, too hard to make the bed. but i shld save money leh…

going grocery shopping and shopping for my jacket and sunglasses on friday
when we get the car… yay!!! i only hope that he knows the way…


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