the trip’s tmr!!!

kinda excited for the trip tmr… but haven’t buy my thick jacket and
sunglasses… later gg town with neer coz ken’s too tired… he didn’t
sleep last night until this morning, 10am. he was doing his assignment
for today.

he’s sleeping now… actually he wanted to sleep till 3pm coz that’s the
time i was supposed to end class… but i didn’t know that my class got
cancelled due to the test… so i came back early… *oops*

dunno if he’s still going to get the car and come and fetch me later or
not… he so tired, i also dunwan him to drive… rather he rest…
tonight still got the lantern festival thingy to go… after that, come
back and pack bag for the trip, then sleep bah…

yesterday had dinner at jude’s place… not bad… pretty decent food!!
jude marinated the chicken and pork chops… deep fried the chicken and
grilled the pork… but i didn’t really like the pork… it’s not jude’s
skills… i’ve never really fancied pork anyway… we bought pizza and
spaghetti to complement the meal as well… then jude’s friend alan and
his gf came as well…

alan owns a mitsubishi evo 8, ken’s dream car… so ken was like in awe
when we adjourned to have dessert after dinner at ti amo. alan drove us
there. i tell u… this car, really power… when alan accelerated, i can
feel my head tilting back coz the force was really strong… machiam
hollywood movie like that…


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