happening day 2

day 2, we went to cape leeuwin where the southern ocean and the indian
ocean meet. magnificent view once again. i swear i could spend an hour
just staring at the huge waves, listening to the sounds.

also visited skippy rock (dunno what’s so skippy abt the rock) and the old

when leaving skippy rock, jodie realised that she lost her sd card. so we
all had to spend time looking for that small little card. we couldn’t
find it anywhere, so we thought of searching cape leeuwin. but the sun
was setting soon, so baby drove very fast, in order to beat the sunset.
end up, cherie lost control of her car and went into the shrubs. bad
news. front left car wheel was stuck in the soft sand, couldn’t get out.
the guys spent ages trying to get the car out, esp baby and nai.
eventually we had to call a tow truck to come get the car out. this was
also the night where ms daphne had to pee out in the wilderness and cold.
there wasn’t any toilet nearby and i didn’t know how long it is going to
take before the car could move, so no choice… super paiseh lor!!!

after the tow truck came, we continued our journey and drove down to
margaret river. the houses were damn nice!!! we didn’t really wanted to
leave the house the next morning… thought that if there were vacancies,
we could carry on our stay coz the next day’s activities were
concentrated ard the area too. BUT someone wanted to carry on with the
farmstay, and so the remaining 12 of us had to leave. bummer.

oh yeah, we also went to a meadery, which creates wine from honey. i bought a 2003 honey liquer, baby bought a 2002. actually we also wanted to buy honey. but the flavour that baby wanted was OOS. the meadery had limited stock and the rest of the ppl bought all already… so too bad lor… =(


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