of chocs, wine and food

we spent the 3rd day at margaret river, tasting wine, tasting chocs. i
bought quite a lot of stuff. firstly, we went to candy cow. i bought 5
bite-sized fudge pieces and a bag of choc coated apricots coz ken wanted
them. or rather, i knew he wanted them lah. then out of the 5 pieces of
fudge, 3 were for him… all alcohol flavoured one… haha… 2 irish
creams and 1 rum & raisin…

then we went to a cheese factory, bought cheese for cheryl. but i think
robin they all ate it up already… -_-” buy for ppl, but end up eating
it themselves…

we also visited vasse felix. ken bought 4 bottles of good wine there…
his dad told him that that type of wine is good… i dunno what’s the
name… but they cost au$220 leh!!! how not to be good… i didn’t buy
wine… had enough of liquers and wines… i bought a pink polo tee from
VF! hahaha… ppl go winery buy wine, i go winery buy clothes… -_-“

we also went coles earlier during the day to buy our bbq food. after all
the wine tasting and choc tasting, we went to search for our farmstay.
wah lao eh… damn ulu and damn hard to find. esp when the suburbs have
no street lights. so dark!!! we got lost for abt 2 hours before we
CHANCED upon the farm.

i didn’t enjoy myself that night. mainly because i got neglected. and also
it got to the point where by i got really pissed off by the girls. maybe
i’m just fated to hang out with the guys. oh well… went off to bed
without dinner that day. no mood for dinner too.

abt to go out for dinner now… meeting shirlaine and her bf soon… come
back then update somemore! =)


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