off we go to albany!!!

i barely slept for an hour before we have to set off for albany. weather
was bad… raining and strong winds. but the weather didn’t stop us from
going albany!

nai took the wheel first while we slept in the backseat. halfway thru, ken
took over. he ah… can drive, can already. everything else doesn’t

so we drove for abt 3+ hrs and finally reached albany. drove on dirt
tracks using our corollas as if they were rovers. went to the gap and the
natural bridge. the view was magnificent…

weather was still as bad. raining and strong winds. the
weather was really unpredictable. on and off.

but because of the rain, and bright sunshine, we managed to see a few
rainbows! all within a day! *pic 1*

we also went to windmills. the wind was REALLY strong!!! i think i almost got blown away… luckily i put on some weight before i went on the trip… wahaha

accomodation for that night was pretty good, 2 villas. but we had some
problems settling who to sleep where initially… all because of me. my
bad. coz i packed my stuff together with ken’s. so i couldn’t sleep in a
different villa from him, otherwise it would be troublesome taking my
stuff here and there. we took pics of the villas but the pics are not
with me now… we had like 8 digicams, so just imagine the sheer amount
of pics we have among us!

we actually did quite a lot of touristy stuff on the first day, visiting
tourist attractions, taking lots of pictures and stuff like that.


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