the day before the roadtrip

i actually wrote a long entry but when i wanted to post it, blogger had
some problem, and my entry was gone!!! what the…

*backtracks to 16 sep*

i had my last mid-sem on this day. D-day. I had absolutely no idea how to
do my paper, FSBT. Sure die this time round.

as i was saying in the previous, previous post, ken was supposed to go
shopping with me, but because he was sleeping, i asked neer to go with me
instead. but neer took so long (1+ hr to be exact), ken woke up eventually
and went with us. i dunno what took neer so long coz he also dunnid to
style hair… he’s botak!!! here’s a pic of neer…

anyway, we went shopping for my thick jacket and sunglasses. i didn’t
manage to find them though. dun hv my size for the jacket *i always feel
so petite here, hee* and the sunglasses that i liked seemed too big for
my face, or so says ken. oh well… saved some $$ for the trip then.

had to rush back to hall coz we had this mooncake fest thingy going on at
kings park. so we got cherie to drive back one of the cars (we rented 3
cars for the trip) and ken drove it back up to the park.

i didn’t really enjoy myself at the fest. i wanted to take a slow walk
with him, but he kept putting it off and played with his neighbours
instead. i don’t like his neighbours… or rather, should i say, i don’t
really click well with them, not that i don’t like them. so i was quite
pissed and tired of waiting. i ended up taking a walk by myself, in the
dark and cold, without my hp *it was with him*.

he couldn’t find me when he realised that i was missing… and though he
couldn’t find me, he can still go and take the car from nai and drive the
car out to the main waiting area. what the!!! he was more concerned with
the car loh…

but he did make it up to me when he ‘found’ me (i decided to go back to
the main area after a while). went for chilli mussels supper and drove
ard a lil’ before heading back to hall for a nap.

the chilli mussels at vic park are really good!!! thx for roanne’s
recommendation! the bunch of us went for it twice in a week!! that’s how
good it is… can’t go too often also… otherwise will get sick of it
easily. lol


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