special delivery

my darlie is running out. need to get a new tube of toothpaste. no
colgates for me though. i don’t like the taste of it. it tastes funny,
like a sweet taste. and it doesn’t foam well. i like my toothpaste to be
minty and foamy! just the way darlie does it. and so, my darlie will be
taking a plane to perth in a few days’ time, and delivered to me. by the
uncle who sold cars to my family, and eventually become a family friend.

uncle anthony is coming to perth sometime this week. mum says probably ard
6 oct? yay… coming to perth to study ain’t that bad after all. so many
ppl come to “visit” me. hehe. i asked sis to get me some stationery and
pass to uncle anthony for me. hehe. also asked mum to buy darlie for me.

4 wks to exam period! i can do it!!! oh yeah, i got a distinction for my
finance test. it’s really surprising to me. some stuff happened on the
day of the test, and my mood was affected. i didn’t study hard for the
test, and i thought i’d do just average. so yup, i was pleasantly


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