happy birthday!!!

happy birthday to jie!!! you’re 24 le… you’ve been an adult for 3 yrs already… time to act responsibly already k… don’t let your mei be your jie hor… 🙂

jie’s birthday would be dad’s and mum’s birthday also coming soon… then would be his birthday… 1 mth exactly after his birthday is mine… don’t worry… i’m coping fine… my studies and family and friends are more impt than someone who doesn’t know what’s good for him! haha… my gain, his loss!!!

was surfing around for some pictures for my consumer behaviour report… i used mp3 players as one of my examples, and so i went onto creative’s website… wah seh… i see already i very gian… *hint hint*

I like the red one… dunno why, ever since I came to Perth, I like red alot… and now Creative is having an online discount!! Online promo: S$259, RRP: $309!
promotion now, only S$249 for 1GB!!! So cheap!!! And you get all 10 interchangeable colour lenses… how cool is that… but it uses AAA battery leh… I prefer rechargeable… more economical in the long run…

Ipod also not bad…

Buy for me as my birthday present?? wahahaha… got influenced by him, now I like Ipod too… the zen look… nice nice…


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