blur daphne, as usual

wahahahaha… i feel so silly and stupid lor… this morning, i was sterilizing my stuff, contact lense casing, container used to mix my aspirin mask and my water bottle. so i was sterilizing the mouthpiece of my new water bottle… i turned the cap upside down, so that the mouthpiece can be soaked in hot water (i poured hot water into the transparent plastic cap).

when i poured away the water, i saw that there’s a slight dent in the transparent cap. so i thought, oh shit! the hot water caused the plastic to melt… and i was so so so sad during lunch… even thought of buying a new one coz i don’t like my stuff to be damaged, not even a bit. somemore, this one is adidas one leh!! super duper sad…

i think and think… then later i had a weird thought. was thinking if that was the original design, or the water really caused the plastic to melt… so i called up the picture i took abt 2 wks ago. hehehe… which is the picture you’re seeing now… see the “dent”? that’s the actual design… wahaha… i didn’t damage my new bottle!!! *paiseh* heng i nv tell jodie that i want to sell her the bottle… coz she like my bottle… haha… if not, i’d be made a laughing stock… though i’m almost always the butt of the jokes, but i don’t need another one. -_-“


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