some pictures

this is neer and iris… these 2… ALWAYS bicker and fight… really lor… tak boleh tahan both of them… then iris will always scream for me to help… how to help… alamak… but both of them damn funny… if only iris will move in with us… then the both of them can provide entertainment for ken and i everyday… save on TV and entertainment fees! wahahaha… live show on, nightly!

white rose… taken at hall… someone’s favourite… i don’t like the flower, but i love the rose scent… wahaha… this one doesn’t have a scent though… there’s another rose plant behind hall, it really smells great! really got the rose smell…

this is dr duck.

this is tom… australian… but hangs out quite a bit with singaporeans, just like neer. hahaha… i tell you, they’re getting good at the ah beng vulgarities… really… sometimes they spout our dialect vulgarities like cb so naturally, that no one would have any reason to doubt that they’re not singaporeans.

he was having a haircut in the toilet last night, by neer, when we took this picture. he wanted a mohawk. this is like 30% of the job done… say, doesn’t he look like some cartoon character in this pic? astro boy? i can’t remember the name of the cartoon boy, but he DOES resemble some cartoon here… hehe


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