clubbing with the perthies

went zouk & phuture last night… was ladies night so i went in for free! and bren bought a jug of long island (it was 1-for-1 time when he bought, so we ended up with 2 jugs), free drinks. didn’t pay for anything at all, except for the post-clubbing drink $2 only. wahahaha…

was pretty fun with the peeps. somehow, e’an had a curfew at i think 1am, so she had to leave early with kenny. sophie wasn’t feeling that well, so she left too. leaving bren, chubbs, may, alvin and me. 5 of us. met iris there as well. that girl is mambo siao man…

i much prefer phuture than zouk. weds are mambo, and i’m not so crazy over mambo. played 5-10 with bren, got him seh, then headed back to phuture for more fun.

they’re leaving next wkend already, gotta go back earlier to do up their house and stuff. not sure if they wanna go again next wk or what. not much chance for us to have such fun in perth.

i’m not much of a clubber, just trying to have some fun in sg before i return to boring perth. 🙂


before clubbing, i went shopping with hazel. bought 2 tees from outfitter girls and 1 capris from gg5. cannot buy anymore already… *must stop!!!*

tmr is hotel day! spending a night at le meridian with the girls. mass bday celebration coz i’m going back to perth already… can’t wait for tmr!!


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