a recap of what i bought since last week

Last Friday, before we went Attica, I was shopping ard Lot 1 with sis and ML. Sis bought me a cute notepad, and we shared the TBS Strawberry set.
I only took a pic of the body butter coz the body polish & shower gel were in the toilet. Smells really nice and sweet! A tad oily for SG’s humid climate, tho I reckon it would work perfectly in Perth.
Sis bought me this coz I didn’t want to buy it even tho I thought it was pretty cute. It reads “a note from a poor student” at the top. I’m going to use it for notes to Neer. LOL

On Wednesday, my parcel from Hoffman’s arrived. Pleasantly surprised by the electric tart burner. It’s so beautiful!!!
The long-awaited parcel!!!
The postage cost. It’s US$25.50 but I only paid US$0.20 for shipping & handling coz that’s the fee charged by HHoT. The postage is even more than what the whole parcel was worth. *cheapskate me*
The electric tart burner
It’s pretty huge. I thought it would be around the same size as a normal burner.

Then after the HHoT parcel, I went shopping with Hazel. Bought 2 Outfitter Girls tee & 1 GG5 capris. Yet to buy my pumps. =( Can’t find any nice ones.
Initially wanted to buy this. Front: “Behind every great girl” Back: “There’s a cute guy checking her out” but I can only buy 2… so in the end I bought the following…
A cheeky message “It doesn’t count if you haven’t been caught” Both Arthur & I thought it’s such a tongue in the cheek message. And it comes in my current favourite tee colour: brown!
The other one I bought says “Cute, Single, Rich, I’ll settle for 2 out of 3”
My GG5 capris! I saw it when I was shopping with mum the other day. But I felt fat in it when I first tried it. I couldn’t stop thinking abt it coz the cut suited me just right, and so, tried it again. Looks better now! Perhaps I wore it a lil too high the first time… LOL


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