Happy 21st Birthday dear!!!

Ok, ppl are going to think that I have a boyfriend, judging from my title. Sorry lorrrrr…. I don’t know how many times I hv to say this… I’m lesbian cannnnn…. *tsk tsk*

Before celebrating the girls’ birthday yesterday, I checked into the hotel with *dear* first then went to PS to meet Arthur. Then the girls arrived, and we had dinner at Swensens (along with Art). I’m feeling pretty guilty that Art felt left out coz it was an all-girls gathering and we were busy catching up, I sorta neglected him. Gotta treat him to as many Grandes as he wants the next time we meet. Catch: I’d probably strike Toto first when he makes the move to call me. Just like how surprised I was when I received his msg out of the blue yesterday. Thought he messaged the wrong person.

We adjourned to the hotel after dinner (Art went off), and had some girl talk. Watched some telly, some beauty time, photo-whoring and ate our belated (for the December babies)- early (for the Feb & March babies) birthday cake.

Went to bed at ard 2am when I got woken by the couple next door. No rewards for guessing what were the couple doing. It was so freaking loud. Even Joyce got woken up too. Could hear the woman loud and clear. Gosh. Luckily, it wasn’t a ‘buffet’, they didn’t go for 2nd round. Otherwise, I’d have banged on their door. This morning, Joyce was saying that all hotels should have sound-proof walls. I totally agree.

‘Nuff said.

Pictures @ https://webmail-3.ucs.uwa.edu.au/chorde/services/go.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsg.pg.photos.yahoo.com%2Fph%2Fdaphn3_t%2Falbum%3F.dir%3D%2F4570%26.src%3Dph%26.tok%3DphjvLZEB9ABSYa6c


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