the use-it-up challenge!!

i’ve been buying so much lately… now i’m putting myself on a programme. i hv to finish my existing products before i can spend money and buy a new one.

QV face wash
Paula’s Choice one-step cleanser
Phisoderm antibacterial wash
Niks ultrafine cleansing lotion
Loreal happyderm cleanser

QV fFacial cCream
Niks skin repair cream
Paula’s Choice skin recovery moisturizer
Loreal hHappyderm moisturizer
Ginvera maxbenefits

Sunsense tinted sunscreen
Sunsence roll-on face milk
IPL Clinic tinted sunscreen
Ettusais acne sunscreen

pimple gel BP gel
Niks blemish concealor

IPSA cream foundation
Bourjois happy light liquid foundation

Origins translucent loose powder
Anna Sui pressed powder
ELF pressed powder

Shu Uemura m pink 33e
Shu Uemura m peach 44

Anna Sui lipgloss #305
Majolica Majorca lipgloss X3
*still got a couple more in Perth, can’t rmb now*

body moisturizers
Palmers’ cocoa butter
H20+ aha body moisturizer
Jergens cool body lotion


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