some lemmings satisfied

the dad went bali today. so being the very ‘smart’ daughter, i pounced at the chance of asking him to get me some stuff from dfs. hehe…

pity the disney TLCs were not available at DFS. pity shade f/l wasn’t available there too.

dad only managed to get me dipdown f/l! bah!

ordered talika thru the website earlier on… stupid website… didn’t send me email confirmation, so i’m not sure if they received my order though the money has been deducted…

my majolica majorca stash arrived. one lipgloss from a spree in LD arrived on monday. nice pretty colour! very pigmented, so the small tube will last me quite a while.

candy came back on tuesday with my MM stash. pity my powder was OOS… boo hoo… i really wanted to try it! but i got 2 more lipglosses! my new favourite translucent red! yay!!! can’t wait for tmr to collect from hazel…

and now, hazel got me lemming for the green e/s… bleah~


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