valentine’s day = cut throat price day

i guess i can never understand why is there a need for valentine’s day. if it’s to demonstrate your love for your SO, why can’t it be everyday or any other day? why especially so on 14th February?

my take on this special day for lovers, is that it’s a day for men (or guys or boys, whatever) to demonstrate that chivalry is still alive. only on this day. but if your guy is still too MCP to be a lil bit more gentlemanly, then dump him. 1 day out of 365 days, and he’s still too caught up in his own belief that men is more superior than women?

i actually planned to stay at home, warm and cosy, surfing the internet on my laptop while watching tv in the living room, with some nice music playing on my itunes on this ‘special day’. wanted to have some “me-time” since my lesbie is unavailable on that day. she had to entertain her 66 indonesian rich clients.

to my surprise, she asked me out for dinner. didn’t want sakae coz i’ve been eating that alot since i came back. hog’s breath is all fully booked, too full to accept my last minute booking. settled on fish & co eventually. at jp, her choice of location. so for a seafood dinner, we queued for 30mins. it was pretty fast, considering how long the queue was.

dinner was pretty nice, despite that F&C played some sad breakup songs, yes, on this very special day where lovers get together, hold each other’s hands and gaze into each other’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings. despite that the single waiter who had to work on this special day and envy the many couples in his restaurant mixed up my bill twice (he first brought a bill that had 5 drinks, when there’s only the 2 of us).


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