here i am, on a friday night

iris and i decided that we’re being losers tonight, by choosing to stay in and not go out, and we’ve got nothing to do. end up, we both indulged in some gelato i bought this afternoon (actually for qiwei one, but decided to share with him… LOL).

finally got my ass down to applying for that work permit that allows me to work in perth while on a student visa. i’m looking forward to it, then i can work and earn some money.

then i went to subi with iris. walked around a little. bought myself another pair of sunglasses and some groceries. bought chicken fillets too, so i can make that chicken soup tmr or sunday.

tonight, neer and kenny are at brendon’s place. we’re supposed to go too, but the girls wanted to stay in coz the rest are going to drink, and we need to wake up early tmr to go to the beach with mel and the rest.

most probably, iris and i, together with a few more girls, are going crabbing next wkend at mandurah. qi wei says he’ll drive us there. yay. can’t wait to go crabbing. sounds like fun. and yummy too.

he’s such a nice dude. always helping me carry my heavy stuff and scooping ice cream for me. lol. but i think i’m just going to finish my gelato with iris coz i know he won’t take it unless i scoop it out and bring it to his room for him. my long-overdued ice cream since last sem. *oops*


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