Jo says…

Joke of the day:
I was at the library with Jean & Jo this morning, and when we were leaving, I saw a stack of flyers that look like bookmarks which said "3 day loan"

Me: What’s the purpose of this??
Jo: Dunno leh… maybe they’re coupons. They entitle you to extend your book loans to 3 days. Just present this coupon to the librarian when borrowing the 1 day book, then they’ll allow you to borrow for 3 days instead??
Me & Jean: -_-" *burst out laughing*
Jo: Really leh… maybe leh?? Eh, then like that, we take the whole stack lah?
Me & Jean: double -_-"

I tried to read my text last night. It was a reserve book that I took out for the night, so I had to read it and return by 1015 this morning. I ended up procrastinating, and watched a movie instead.

I’m going to do my tutorials now. Back to sch life…


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