ramblings at 11.54pm

i had sucky wonton noodles earlier on at kenny’s. noodles that were bland, a little soggy and wontons that had smelly pork and nothing else. the only saving grace of that chinese takeaway was the veggies. yes, you heard it from the veggie hater.

made up for it by having the last of my gelato. yum. i love gelato. especially the ferrero (sp?) flavour.

ms bimbo is no longer in my MM tute, and thus i don’t have to put up with her whininess during tutes and project work. thank goodness. heard from iris and ean that she’s now in their MA class though. i shall not be bad, and pass on all my good luck to them. 0=D

i got suheila hoti as my BE tutor. again, thank goodness for that. i’m so gonna love hoti this semester. she’s good in explaining stuff albeit the bullet train speed. i still understand it though. much better than that sucky lazy ass chinaman lecturer who refuses to upload the notes and forces us to copy it during lectures. giam siap gwee. grrr.

i gotta run. need to put in extra hours to get that HD.


on a side note, iris has been behaving weirdly. hush, but i think she needs a guy badly. she needs a guy who’s ‘brave’ enough to accept her endless shit, bullying and complains though.

yesterday, i was asking james curry (the resident porn king) to add my ip address so i can access his movies. (read= movies that are allowed to go onto the cinema screens, not homemade sex videos). then mel and jo also wanted access, for whatever reasons i shall not divulge. comes along iris, who says “i want i wantttttttttttttttttt” in her usual tone. but she doesn’t know her ip address and has to go back to her room before she can call james to add her.

james didn’t add her last night. and so tonight, after dinner, she was like “he didn’t add me!!! i cannot check his stuff”. when we saw james, almost immediately, she said “eh you didn’t add me!!!! i cannot access your movies!”

hmmm… why is she so anxious and eager?

i think james is pretty cute though. haha.


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