the taste of revenge

if revenge has a taste to it, it should be sweet…

iris pissed me off twice last night… first, she went on and on teasing me and thomas… what the hell, i didn’t even know thomas till river cruise night, and we were just dancing together (in a grp) for a while. after that, she didn’t know where and how to stop her nonsense, till i got fed up. and even when i retorted back and asked her to stop it, she said ‘you got no sense of humour’. wtf?! she asked me to stop teasing her and neer, i did. so what right does she have to say i got no sense of humour?

then after that, i went to the library with kenny and ean. she annoyingly signed me up for that stupid killer game, without my consent. damn fucked up i tell you. somemore, she can still tell ean "daphne is going to be so mad at me if she knows i signed her up". fuck la. she knows it and she still did it?! how dumb can someone get?! and she wasn’t really that sorry about it, when she told me during dinner (which i already knew during lunch), she was still laughing and say "fun what!" bloody hell, why can’t she just sign herself up for that fucking game and leave me and kenny out of it.

earlier on, she went to get bread after dinner and the rest went out of the dining hall first, leaving me and ace alone at the table. so i took her key, and passed it to siva, her nemesis. well done. siva took the key and brought it up to his room.

but that wasn’t it. she came up to my room, bugged me twice and went screaming and shouting into the phone (she called kenny using my phone), in my room, on my level. i had to shout at her to shut the fuck up. if she thinks this is the end of my revenge, she’s mistaken. 

we’ve got better plans. this, is just the entree. =D


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