what the……

fuc… hell. as per blip’s request, i’m cancelling out the F…

last night, before i updated my blog thru email updates, i accidentally sent my entry to MUM. yes. everything, uncensored. can you imagine my shock and horror when i realised what a boo boo i’ve made? it’s super paiseh and scary can. luckily, i realised it early, and i promptly sent another email out to mum, apologizing for the language, and that i’m really pissed off. -_-"

anyway, i think that girl blocked me on msn. damn childish i’d say. but whatever la. there’s a limit to my patience, and ppl who know me well, know that my tolerance level for such things is usually pretty low. i’m quite surprised myself that i can tahan her nonsense for so long. i tried talking to her today, she ignored me, so whatever. can’t point fingers at me, saying i was dao, unfriendly or that i didn’t initiate. anyway, i admit i was in the wrong for passing her key to siva, but i’m not taking the blame for revealing to mel that iris was her killer. simply because it wasn’t me. if she wants to get angry over the killer thing, she’s just pretty kiddo coz she’s ‘killed’ mel anyway, and i haven’t settled my score with her yet.

i got killed by my killer today. it was pretty funny actually. i was on my way out to the pantry to make myself some oats for supper, and i saw this ang moh girl walking down my corridor, looking at the names of each room. i thought she was looking for adam, my ang moh neighbour, coz he’s always got friends coming up to his room.

then she saw me, and asked "are you daphne?". and i was like o.O? "yeah"… and she went "oh, you’re dead!" Immediately, i went back to my room and passed her the slip of paper. LOL. I wasn’t even interested to play the game.

i’m probably going to do some work now, or maybe watch an episode of OC now, then head to bed. i’ve got a longgggggg day ahead tmr. 😦


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