many things, little time

just a quick entry before i head off to lala land.

1) someone’s most probably with someone2. not quite surprising, but someone3 IS disappointed and and someone4 will most probably be as well. i just hope sm3 doesn’t take it too hard. shit happens. ALL the time. note to sm3: read your own poster. *smiles*

2) newbie is leaving. shocking news. never knew she had so much problems. though i wasn’t that close to her, i wish her all the best. an overseas degree might not be the best thing for everyone. and i wish i have the courage to apologise to her in person for being so mean to her (like talking behind her back, and ostracising her).

3) fat kenny’s birthday! dinner was nice and fun. pulled 2 stunts on him. could see that he was pleasantly surprised, and unpleasantly shocked after he came back from the casino. anw, with friends like them, you don’t need enemies. heck! they aren’t even fit to be called friends. maybe something like spare tyres? it ended well though, could see clearly who treasured who. *wide smile again* i love you guys. you know who you are.

4) i haven’t forgotten. trying-to-keep-fit blipper’s first day of sch tmr! after a half yr hiatus. hope she’s really psyched for school coz i am! besides, she’s studying psychology. *… …, ok, bad joke* good luck darling, and try not to get so lost in sch! hehe.

5) i’m getting hooked on oc. and i really shld be spending time studying. more assignments coming my way.

gonna sleep now! tata ppl~


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