no, the title is not about the accounting software. right now, what i mean is “mind your own business”.

yesterday, i was feeling bored and decided to surf onto some blogs that i haven’t read for ages. and their private blog was one of them. i was just being bored, not that i really wanted to know what’s going on in their relationship.

anyway, i saw some entries with my name. he was telling her that he saw me, together with another guy, looking happy. content was all fine until i spotted “and i was actually thinking back then ‘when will she ever get a guy again’ “. what the… it’s not like i was going to die because we broke up. true enough, it was a tough period for me. because my first bf cheated on me, not once but thrice. what a bad experience. even cheese says so. i quote “aiyoh… how come your first one, so jialat already?” but bad experience aside, it doesn’t mean that i couldn’t live without him. it didn’t mean that i’m going to be alone for the rest of my life.

and the next entry (written the next day) had me as well. he said “i din feel any negative feelings at all… i was just happy for her.” . it’s funny how he can write such things. feel negative feelings?! for what? i didn’t do him wrong, that’s for sure. and to think he can write that he was happy for me… trying to make himself sound like the angel here? hello… he shld wake up his idea man… i’m out of his life mths ago, so is he from mine. whatever i do, say, or whom i’m with, should never ever have another impact in his life, be it happy or unhappy or whatever.

some ppl are just bloody kpo. nothing better to do, but to write abt my r/s with other ppl. esp when i’m not even close to those ‘some ppl’. it’s so… “guan ni she me shi?!”

but he’s right about one thing. he saw me happy with that guy, and yes, i AM happy with the new him. i can’t say that i know much about him right now, but at least, there’s communication between us, and i try not to commit the same mistakes that i did in the past r/s. nothing’s really stable right now, but we’re going to try to make it work. =)


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