to you who are still reading

it came as a shock to receive your email. never knew that you’re still reading. and yes, i’m coping well. after i saw the true colours of your darling bf. after i know how many times he lied to me, looking at me, straight in the eye. it really woke me up. now i know what to do, what not to do in a r/s.

even after the breakup (what breakup? it was more of a coward being coerced to say the truth), his behaviour continued to irk my friends. i shall not say more.

each time ppl ask me how am i coping, and whether i still have any NEGATIVE feelings towards him, i can’t help but feel glad i’m no longer with him.

when you don’t like somebody, no matter what others say, it’s just going to make things worse. i’m already biased, say anything more, it will just worsen the degree of biasness.

when one’s in love, you tend to side with your bf. fair enough. but i’m sorry to say, i felt, and still feel disgusted by what he did. there’s nothing he can do to make up for his doings, at least not to me.

thank you for being happy with me for finding a new him. you know what was going thru my mind when i saw your email? “defend bf, defend bf, defend bf” you said it yourself, stop defending someone who truly did wrong. it may be in the past, but no one is going to forget that.

you gave me well-wishes for this new r/s, i also do hope that you 2 stop fighting and arguing as well. you’ve got more experience in r/s than me, you should know how damaging (frequent) fights are to the r/s.

best wishes,


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