an hour and a half to spare

being very bored now since the bf has gone out for class and won’t be back till 4pm, i decided to stay on the laptop and blog and surf nonstop. it’s finally my turn coz if he’s around, he’ll be the one hogging the lappy. besides, he’s got broadband at his place, i can download whatever songs i want! muahahaha. *warning: this entry is super incoherent. having not blog for many days, i’ve got a shitload of stuff to blog*

we viewed some houses yesterday… think we’ve more or less decided which to take… it’s really nice and cosy… and i finally can leave my stuff in the toilet, save the hassle of bringing a basket full of toiletries to the toilet and back again!!! and no more shitty food!! gotta look at some furniture stores to see what to buy… save on furniture, spend on future car!

last night, while e’an was out at kristin’s, we decided to head out to makan2 for some prata and teh tarik. shoik. after you’ve studied for 2 hours non-stop and are feeling hungry. it’s the closest to singapore’s prata and teh tarik. cannot complain too much, otherwise, really no need to eat already. but my fav from makan2 is not really the prata… i LURVEEEEEE the nasi goreng sambal… damn sedap i tell you… hot and spicy, the fried shallots complete the whole meal. it’s damn damn damn good.

then we were just chatting and hanging out, and the guys started to talk abt army (boring shit) and ex-gfs (hmmm… interesting). kenny had a few funny encounters, one of which being he jumped into a bush, and landed in a long gang, after trying to avoid the mum of a ex-gf. damn funny…

i didn’t manage to hear the story of the bf’s, coz i went to the toilet, and he simply refused to tell me again. shitty bf.

and while blogging this crap now, i’m actually eating his biscuits… and er…. i finished the whole thing… *uh oh*… might be going out later to view cars… hopefully he can get his visa fixed, extended by 3 yrs in order to get that car loan. otherwise, his mx5 will be far out of his reach.

talking abt him, it’s not really nice and rosy lately. can someone just explain to me what am i doing? sheesh… i don’t wish to fall into another trap. sick and tired of his excuses, his refusals. i can’t remember the exact date, but he has not shown me care and concern since a long time ago. and this r/s is still new. of course there are some good times, but i also can’t keep track of the times he doesn’t want to talk to me, hold me, touch me, preferring to talk to friends on msn, or fiddling on the laptop. should i still stay on?

edited to add at 4.30pm: 0.o? does it take that long to call me to go down to the car? max 30secs for me to go down. and yet, they just came back to the house, and drove off in the car that’s just below the room that i’m in. not even a phone call to say “hey i’m going to view cars with him first. be back later”. am i supposed to be like a japanese wife that stays home, waiting for her husband to return home, regardless of where he’s been, and what time he returns?

every day, every move he makes, just makes me wonder why we’re together.


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