you know you miss home when…

– you get bored studying but yet you can’t rant to your closest buddies in person
– you look up from your books and see the cold white walls staring back at you
– you blog surf and you cannot identify with whatever your friends are writing
– you want to do a spree badly but yet can’t
– you miss the smells of homecooked food and the bustle of coffeeshops just a stone’s throw away from your house
– you miss the noisy laughter of little kids playing at the playground downstairs
– you cannot call the prata shop to order $30 worth of prata & milo godzilla and dinosaur and just drive off 15minutes later to pick up your order
– a normal cup of teh tarik, something that warms your heart and brings you close to home, costs a freaking au$3 (read: s$3.60)
– you don’t have any tv to watch, let alone scv ch54, ch19, ch11, ch12, ch52, ch58, ch60
– you read your friends’ blogs and their buys (even $3 laksa or $2.50 chicken rice for their lunch) make you go green with envy
– you feel hungry at 1am from the major mugging session earlier, and the only place still open for food is macdonald’s and fast eddy’s. no prata, char kuey tiao, laksa, or luah, kopi-C, teh-C etc.
– you hate veggies, but yet crave for stir-fried spinach and xiao bai cai.

gosh, i can’t wait for winter break to come. or better still, for my course to end.


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