people and their warped minds

for the past few days, peng has been teasing me about liking nick, this new guy who just came in this semester. oh btw, he’s the nemesis of e’an. for some unknown and unexplainable reasons, both of them just hated (and i really mean HATE) the sight of each other the first time they met. it’s just funny how both of them can hate each other without even talking to each other… hahaha… but sometimes, i feel so caught in between both of them…
anyway, i’m not really that close to nick. the first time we really talked to each other was at peng’s birthday party at metro, regarding my then-relationship with gz. recently, he added me on friendster and i found out that he’s from pjc. so i was curious to know who he knows from pjc since so many of my friends are from there. i asked peng for his msn, and peng was like “why you want his msn…. ORHHHHHHHHHHH… you like him right?????” *rolls eyes* like that means like meh? tsk tsk…

then jaccyy just told me about her relationship. it’s just so freaky how we always kena the same thing at the same time. like how our then-bfs treat us the same way, for the same unknown reasons. we just don’t understand why the bfs can behave in such a way, all of a sudden, when we did nothing to trigger the cold shoulder.

and i found out something about a certain individual here. it’s just so… weird… kenny, e’an and me cannot understand why… or just what is certain individual thinking… sure, there are many different types of people, but still!!! aiyah, i bet no one understands this paragraph… i just cannot say much here lah… you’ll never know who’s reading…

i think i shall stop teasing mae about her never-ending army of suitors… better not jinx her relationships… let nature take its own course… but i just get this feeling that supra man likes her leh… =X

and there’s fireworks going on in the background now… don’t know what day it is today, what event… i just hear lots of fireworks… i think the aussies are just too rich lah… suka suka got fireworks… like free like that… somemore their fireworks very long, colours and many patterns one…


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