oh, what a ‘wonderful’ world

is the whole world breaking up? or is it just my world, my friends? why didn’t people get together all at the same time?

one week ago, i broke up with gz. and it still hurts to even think about it. i really love him (though it’s only a month, i tend to fall hard, and not get out fast) and wanted things to work out between us. it was like “finally someone appreciates me, let’s make it work”. but sadly, it didn’t. i just cried buckets last night with like 3 different people comforting me and talking to me.

i think i’ve more or less settled down, so sick of crying and wishing he’s here when he won’t be. i just wish that i’d stick to what i tell people, that i’m truly over him. but whenever i sit down and think properly, i think i still do like him a little.

jaccyy broke up with ric too. i can’t say ric’s a jerk, a bastard, but i thought that the very least he could do was to communicate with jac about his uncertainties. i’m very sure that jac will let him go if he needed to. i also don’t know how to comfort jac now, especially when she lost 2 people she love at the same time. i’m going thru the yo-yo cycle as well… just hope that she’ll get to my stage fast… at least more settled down, more calm…

keyi broke up with adrian as well. i don’t really know what’s going on, but the whole crying process that keyi goes thru every night, just pains me to know that she’s all alone in s’pore and i can’t be there for her. it’s times like this where i wish perth was just next to s’pore, i could just take a drive back home.

and mae’s decided to break up with jo today. actually, right now. don’t know how things will go, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed. theirs was a doomed r/s right from the start with religions in the way. and unless the guy’s willing to change for mae, there’s really nowhere the r/s can go to.

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