i’m feeling the heat

1 more month to exams, and i’m getting stressed and busy already… busy with projects and assignments… busy with trying to catch up on lectures and notes… i didn’t do well for both my finance units… barely passed one, and failed the other… sigh… both my marketing units are doing good though… i should pay less attention to marketing and concentrate more on finance…

i’ve been sleeping at 4, 5am everyday for the past week, trying to finish up the remaining chapters of MM for yesterday’s quiz… this is so bad lah… my health and skin are complaining already… lots of pimples and i’m in a such a bad mood due to lack of sleep…

i should start sleeping early already… i’ll try to sleep at 2am tonight… stop talking to shomae and nick online… hahaha… they’re owls as well… i’m gonna take a nap now… so damn tired… later still got plans…


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