mum says…

“nevermind lah… this one don’t work out, it’s ok lah… he’s just a
passerby lor”

it made me laugh. i never expected my mum to say such a thing.

mum called earlier, since i haven’t talked to them for like weeks, not
on msn either. we chatted for over an hour, updating abt what’s going
on here and back home. cousin ann’s coming over 1st week of june,
bringing my 2 lovely nephews over!! yay!! shall spend a day or 2 with
them before i start my mugging process.

mum’s got a job too, now working after like 2 years of slacking at
home. at least now i don’t need to feel so stressed abt studying here
coz there’s extra income coming from mum. i still feel the pressure to
graduate fast and start working though.

i can’t wait to go home.


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