something i just had to post here

something that troy (sho-mae’s brother) wrote on his friendster profile… i just felt that it’s so grown-up… not sure if he got it from somewhere or he wrote it himself though…

lf you’re with someone..
Don’t demand for too much..
You need to understand each other needs..
And try to fulfill each other needs..
Love is about patience and tolerance..
You can’t be rushing to be with someone..
The right timing is a very essential thing too..
No couples have never fought nor argued before..
Because if they had never argued before..
It means that they don’t even care about each other..
When problem arises in a relationship..
Work things out by talking it out..
You should never keep it all to yourself..
As your partner does not know what you feel nor what you think..
Expressing it out might cause an argument..
But it is also through arguments..
That couples understands each other better..
Cherish the person you’re with..
Appreciate each other..
Don’t start to
appreciate each other..
When he or she..
ls no longer with you anymore..
That would serve no purpose..
If you think love is a game..
And that you’re having fun playing it..
Thinking that you would not get hurt..
When you’re done with it..
Think again..
You’re human too..
And you too..
Have feelings and emotions..


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