a new record

it’s now 12.14pm on a friday. the last time i slept was on wednesday night. that means i haven’t slept for thursday. yup, you got that right. i haven’t slept for thursday. was busy rushing my 2500 words part for the MM report due today. rush and rush, i took like 10 hours to complete it… chop chop compile, edit a bit here and there, print.

then i realised! i need to burn my report into a CD for Dr Webb! thank goodness peng has cd-rs… and thank goodness he was awake at 7+ in the morning, having slept thru’out the night. handed the report in at 8+, office wasn’t even opened yet! hopefully we’ll do well for the report… i want my HD!!!

went out for brekky with pj… went to vic park, everywhere’s closed… wah lao… how the aussies survive?! open so late, close so early?! cruised around, then pj decided to go northbridge. we just settled on an euro cafe and had some brekky. after that, we went to the japanese stall next door, and pj had more food (he didn’t eat much at the euro cafe coz he was craving for jap food; saving the stomach)… thru’out the drive and brekky, we were talking abt stuff, like our friends and sch work.

since i broke up with gz, i haven’t really talked to pj for a long while… not that i’m very close to him, but since he’s being nice and stuff, driving me to school (on the way lah, not purposely), or lending us his spare car etc, i’m also nice to him and talk to him. i mean i get along ok with him… and he’s so funny!!! he makes me laugh with all his weird (but sometimes true) logics and theories.

i asked him out to metro this sat coz i just felt like going this weekend. sho-mae actually asked me to go with her next weekend, but after pia-ing for MM report, i think i can’t wait till next wkend already… not sure if i can make it this sat coz i might be tired or busy trying to catch up on my finance assignments (both due next friday), but if i go, it’d be good… coz peng’s gg to drive me! hahaha… in his mr2…

sportscar checklist (sportscar that i’ve taken a ride in this semester):
pj’s yellow toyota mr2
pj’s rented black peugeot 206 convertible (i even drove it ard the carpark… quite shiok! haha)
jiesen’s black toyota supra
wanyi’s bf’s red nissan skyline

damn… i might just want to get australian pr status because of the cheap cars lah! pj’s mr2 (yr 2004) only costs him au$48k when he bought it early last yr… damn cheap lah!!! au$48k can’t even buy me my family car in sg!

gotta go sleep now… pj said i got eyebags!!! *horror*


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