i’m going crazy

i have a report due tmr, and my part is 2500 words (my group mates chose the easier ones, 1000-1500 words each, and left me to do the difficult ones… -_-“)… i’m only at ard 1200 words now… don’t know what crap am i going to come up with man!!!

taking a break from work, i decided to read my blog, from the day i decided to apply for uwa and come over here. then reading, reading, i read the entries abt kenneth. the more i read, the more sick i got in the stomach. not so much of ‘how can he do such things to me’ sick, but rather ‘sheesh, i can’t believe how stupid i am’ sick. until i had to close the page. i couldn’t read anymore.

i know one day, i’m going to read the entries abt gz, and feel the same way too. but right now, i still feel the lost. i decided to delete him off my msn this afternoon, and i did it. i can’t deal with his happy, blissful msn msg. i don’t bloody care whose pig is he, don’t wanna know who he’s with right now.

and jocie guo’s ‘wo hai shi yi ran ai ni’ has just replayed so many times that it climbed up my ‘top 25 played’ list today. i just love the lyrics… so me at this moment… i just want to complete my reports asap, complete my exams, move house, get my ass back to sunny land and drink and club with jaccy. i need a break.


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