bought a nice dotti jacket today… feeling a little ‘yay’ coz mae paid for me… hahaha… she owed me some money because i bought the textbook for her… so she paid for the jacket…

and i finally told mum that i’m so broke now… told her i only have like $200 to last me till i go back… and damn! i haven’t paid the uni amenities fee yet! so she said… ‘ok i’ll transfer some money to you tmr’… thanks mummy! but i feel kinda guilty for keeping the truth from her… your darling precious daughter gei kiang, go and lend ppl money… end up, she don’t have enough for herself now… pui pui pui… i’m not going to be so nice in future!

and i just might head down to metro later… so i gotta finish up some work now… still feeling happy and energetic! =D


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