jumpy and edgy

i’m feeling so stressed… deadlines, reports, week after week. i nv seem to get enough rest lately. all the stress pimples coming out to say hi already.

you know, i absolutely hate people who can’t close their doors properly for nuts, and must always slam the door shut? so what if your door has some problem and doesn’t latch itself properly when you close it? give it a gentle pull/push, and it’s closed! my door’s kinda faulty as well, but i don’t slam my door! well, unless the wind blows it shut.

this whole semester, i’ve been plagued by neighbours who are at least of 19 years old, and yet slam the damn door every freaking day. never used to have such problems last semester! clem hinted and said, maybe it’s me who’s particularly sensitive to such noises. i beg to differ. this afternoon, while taking my afternoon nap, my neighbour on my left came back, and once again, slammed his door shut. on purpose or not, i don’t know, and don’t wanna know. (if he did it on purpose, i’m going to scold him upside down!). the impact of the door slamming shut was so strong that the saucer covering my mug dropped. it was like BAM then the saucer dropped off.

next, adam the ang moh neighbour on the right, left his room, and the door went BAM!!! again. i tell you, i jumped in my skin… tsk tsk tsk..


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