the end and the start

end of playtime. it’s officially 14 days to my first paper now. i didn’t go metro tonight, peng backed out last night, so i decided to be a good girl and stay in too. in fact, i’m glad i did. did so much today.

morning, i went city to shop a lil. eyed 2 pairs of jeans from mng, and mum’s cool with me getting both pairs! yay! so i’m getting one pair here, and another pair in sg (which mum will help me buy) coz they ran out of my size… happy happy.

came back, and did a&p report after lunch. hopefully we’ll get the bulk of it completed by tuesday night. started revising mm after project meeting. i’m already feeling quite stressed out… need to get mm & a&p out of my way before i start revising for my finance subjects.

then it was out for dinner and some game time after dinner. somewhere between after dinner and before game time, i found out something. something shocking. left me bewildered. and i feel so scared. so creepy… like… is that person really like that? *shudders* i’ll never look at that person the same way again.

and the ex-bf still refuses to pay up, and still continues his threats… like i care?! irritating the hell outta me.


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