peng = joker

i think peng is freaking hilarious lah… he and his weird logics, weird thoughts and ideas…

just now we were out for dinner before coming to school to study. and the place we went to, actually had ‘kang yong dang jia’ on tv. it’s my absolute favourite crappy tw show in sg, and so, i was urging peng to watch it as well. then he watched for a while and said “yeee…. it’s so cheena…”, to which i replied “it’s from tw leh…”. then he said “it’s too colourful” like what the hell?! you watch colour tv, you complain too colourful… then might as well watch b&w tv right?

next, i showed him the visa ads that i’m working on for my a&p report. so he claimed that the ads were crap and he can also come up with an ad for visa. the tagline for visa is “life takes visa”, meaning that visa is part of our everyday life, that we can’t live without visa etc. so this is his idea:
– man about to die
– man goes up to heaven, and angels gave him a choice whether he wants to go to heaven, or continue living as a man
– man takes out his visa card, makes payment for choosing to continue to live
– man wakes up from coma.

-_-” i almost died laughing lah….


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