a little bit depressed + 3 days left to BE exam = not so happy daphne

i haven’t done much studying for today… so i’m going to make this a quick one, then get back to my notes. the nerdy daphne is back people.

so, i was brooding over my marks for my MM report… then i checked webct for the umpteenth time and saw the overall marks assigned to me for the report (peer evaluation wasn’t added to the report mark yet). well, it’s pretty ok now… got a C for the report after adding in peer evaluation marks. BUT, it’s still not possible for me to get HD for it… damn the mid-sem! i scored so bloody well for it but it’s only a low 15% in the overall mark. i can only aim for a D now… hopefully, i’ll get a D in the higher end… slim chance though coz it’s MM after all, and the rest of the students did pretty well in the mid-sem (meaning they are doing quite good in MM too), so i might be scaled down to to mid or even low D.

then for BE… thank goodness for the 2 assignments. they really saved my sorry ass… since having failed the mid-sem which contributed 30% to the overall mark, i have to do really well for the assignments and final exam. so i calculated… i don’t think i’ll be able to get D for BE since i really really suck at it… to get 65 overall, might still be possible… as long as i hurry up typing this stupid blog entry and get back to studying heteroscedasticity and multicollinearity, F and Chi-Sq distributions etc.

IA is the killer of ALL i tell you. stupid Ray da Silva is only going to release the assignments AFTER the final paper. i can’t even calculate how much i need to score for my finals in order to get a credit! and i also suck at this lah… hate theories… esp financial theories… they should just give me formulas to memorize then i calculate for them… hehe… if only the stock market is about such simple calculation formulas eh? so i estimated that we get a credit for the report, i’ll need to get 67 marks for the finals in order for me to get a credit. and that’s a borderline credit i’m talking about… really need to immerse myself in the world of IA after the sucky BE paper on saturday. (whoever sets exams on saturday?! aren’t the ang mohs supposed to be lazy and NOT work on a SATURDAY?)

my only only only hope of getting a HD this semester is also crushed by A&P… well, i thought, since my 2 finance units are so going to pull me down this time, i should score on my marketing units. wrong. turns out, many students are also scoring well for A&P, so i get scaled down AGAIN. to hell with scaling!!! i can only hope for a low to mid D now since HD is totally impossible: how to get 103 marks out of a 100 marks paper?…

totally depressed… and i think i might have to overload and do specialist chinese 2 next semester with e’an after all. if i get a 90 on that (keeping fingers and toes crossed starting from now), it might just pull my WAM up… and i need to keep my WAM at 70 & above to qualify me for honours…


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