a few random notes

1) finally fixed up the new place and got internet today! after slightly more than 1 wk without home internet access, i’ve learnt to appreciate starhub. the new place’s looking pretty good right now, albeit without a tv. the tv bench is acting as a coffee table for us at the mo.

2) i miss my family, my dog and my lesbie partner already. can’t wait for them to come visit me in sept!

3) i really need a job man… purse strings are tight back home, and i try to save by cooking every meal instead of eating out. trying to buy 2nd hand books instead of brand new ones, like i always do.

4) i found a new obsession – lush. it’s making me smell so nice, skin so soft!

5) school’s pretty tough for me this semester. i’m taking an overload this semester, with the extra unit being chinese. yes, i know it’s kinda weird that i’m taking chinese as my elective over here, like i’ve been taking chinese all my life till sec 4, as if that wasn’t enough?! but i figured that it would be pretty simple (speaking and writing only) for me as all those taiwanese magazines and shows helped me. it would definitely help to pull up my WAM if i was hardworking enough. but i gotta learn how to shut my trap during lessons. act blur, act dumb. otherwise, i’d get transferred out to another class of a higher level.

6) the idiotic ex-bf isn’t coming back to perth anymore, sources tell me. he failed his exams (for the 2nd time), visa expired and couldn’t be renewed (because he failed his papers), and he’s packing up to go home now. or maybe he’s already back in sg as it was a couple of days back when i first heard of this news. oh, and he’s got himself a fhm model gf. good for him then, as it seems like that’s the only thing he’s good at. picking up chicks. he’s a bimbo. lalala

7) i’ve got a 8am lecture tmr. so it’s adios for now!


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